How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

Erica Santos

A gender reveal party is a celebration where the guests, the expecting parents and family, find out the sex of the baby. Here’s how to plan a gender reveal party, as well as some party decoration ideas to make your reveal even more remarkable.

Choose a Gender Reveal Party Theme
Get creative for your reveal.  Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Photo: Tua Casa
Photo: festainfantilblo



Set the Date
Choose a place, and pick a date. The date will have to be sometime after the mid-pregnancy ultrasound (which usually occurs around week 20)

Send Your Gender Reveal Invitations
Send your gender reveal party invitations about a month in advance.

Themed Gender Reveal Food
A nice touch is to serve party theme food. Here are some ideas for you:



The Gender Reveal Moment
Here are some ideas for creative gender reveals:



Finishing Touches
Don’t forget to give top your guests a gender reveal party favor as they leave.  Checkout this ideas.



I hope you liked the ideas. Enjoy your day!!! 

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