Mickey Birthday Party

Erica Santos

Hello everyone. I'm very happy that you are visiting my blog!!!

Today I'm very excited to be sharing the details from Alexander's 6 months Celebration. I hope you got inspired with all the ideas, crafts, and decor. Let's start with the desert table.



For the desert table I used a plain white table that I love and you probably have seen this table in other posts. 

I made a garland balloons to add a special touch to the the table and I used a Mickey fabric as a background. 

As favors I created an exclusive Mickey suitcase and milk box and I added some goodies from Walmart. 

I wanted to create a very exclusive name for the table so I made this 3D letters that I found the template on google but I didn't have idea how hard it was to make those but it was worth it. 

And for last but the most important. The cake!!! I made a chocolate cake with almond filling and I used a red cardstock paper to wrap the cake and added M&Ms on top and the Mickey's cake toppers to finish the design.


Thanks for joining me this week! Hope you have enjoyed all the Mickey decoration.


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